School Memories

Going to school is the best ! miracle and priceless that ever create in our memory . I miss my school , the teachers and even " mak cik kantin " . I want to do the craziest thing again with my friends they are the only SAHABAT that I ever had . We always argue every day ! even for choko choki we can fight each other :)
yeeahhhhhh we are bunch of weirdos but that make our friendship bond became beautiful and more stronger with our unique identities .

2010 -while waiting PMR result we do our own fashion show

2011 - Going to celebrate prize we won for Independence days

I miss our smiles :')

2012 - Our last day at school
First step to continue our new journey

Gossip time for girls 

5 Markisa from SKM Ayer Puteh Dalam
will always in my heart